Youtube vs Blogging which is best for you right Now?

Youtube vs Blogging biggest question to all who want to get information on these platforms and who wants to earn money from these platforms.

If you want to know information from these platforms which is beast in between Youtube vs Blogging because so many peoples are creating lots of confusion on both platforms.

So if you also confused about these topics and wand want to earn money or get information so which is best for you according to your need.

so this place is right for you so hold your sets and tight your belts. because today i will give you the all data which gives you the clarity to make your decisions.

So without wasting your important time let’s get started.

Youtube vs Blogging which is best

If you want to know what is the best platform so sorry that both are the best. It totally depends on your need and importance.

Because these both are bet in his field. someplace is better on youtube than blogging and some whare are the best blogging as compared to youtube.

So do not worry I will provide you all data and explanations according to your needs and after that, you will be able to make a decision to choose the best which is best between blogging vs youtube.

Because lots of the peoples are wanted to become his own boss and they are not interested to do the job and wants to choose one of the careers as a career option.

Some peoples want to get information from blogging vs youtube but they are not getting the right knowledge at a particular place so they are also very confusing.

On the bases of knowledge points of view Blogging vs Youtube

First of all, we are talking about if you want to getting knowledge on blogging vs youtube so which is best for you and which things you will get where at the best type.

because both are platform is best and I can not consider the winner at the one platform. Somewhere youtube gives you the best result and somewhere blogging gives you the best result its totally depends on your needs.

So I will discuss some points which are very helpful to you


  • If you want to learn anything in practice, then youtube will be better for you than blogging.
  • On YouTube, you see something in the foam of the video, which makes things more clear.
  • If you want to know about any points of a topic, then youtube is not as capable as blogging right now


  1. If you want Exject KNOWLEDGE about any TOPIC, then you can get that information properly from BLOGGING
  2. Blogging is better if you want a very accurate public ranking of just one point from a witch about a topic because Google checks it on more than 200 parameters to rank any experts on top. Ranks him at the top position.
  3. If you have to learn something from a practical beginning, then you cannot do it so well by taking information from Blogging somewhere.

Youtube vs Blogging to earn money

Youtube and blogging both are the best way to earn money in today’s time. A lot of peoples are earning lots of money by working on these platforms.

Some peoples are earning the best money on youtube and on the other hand some peoples are earning lots of money by working on blogging.

So in that condition, if you ask those peoples about the youtube best or the blogging best so every people are different opinion according to their own experience.

So you can not decide which is best for you in your career. So today I am discussing some points which are very helpful to you.

What is Youtube

We all know that youtube is a video publishing platform where you can make your video and after that, you can upload your video and earn money.

To upload your video you need a youtube channel and we know very well at today’s time create a youtube channel, not a big deal. For creating a youtube channel, you need only an email id.

Earn Money With YouTube

We know all very well youtube is a big platform. You can monetize your channel and earn money. For monetizing your youtube channel you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time.

After that, your channel will be monetized and you can earn money from youtube.

Way to earn money from Youtube

  • Google Adsense
  • Sponsorship
  • Affiliate Marketing

What is Blogging

Blogging is also a content publishing platform but the only difference between Youtube vs Blogging is Blogging you can create content in the written or text form.

Yes, you can add images and videos to your content for more attractive content. Simply you have to make a blog and publish your content.

After that, you can earn money from your blog.

Way to earn money from Blogging

  • Google Adsense
  • Other ads network
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Paid sponsorship
  • Many others

Similarities in YouTube VS Blogging

Now we can be talking about the similarities between blogging and youtube

1. Both you need hard work

Either you choose youtube or blogging both are cases you need to more hard work. Especially when you start your career.

My strong suggestion to you do not to do the hard work so this field or any other field is not made for you. Without hard work, you do not succeed in this field.

But on the other hand, if you do hard work you will definitely succeed in these fields.

2. You need patience in both cases

Here is the same case if you do not have patience so you can not succeed in this field. This is all game about patience.

You heard many times that some peoples start blogging or youtube and after some time he left. One thing always remembers youtube vs blogging both are long terms games.

Nothing will happen if you start today youtube a channel or a blog then you earn money after one day or after one week. It will take the time it’s not a cup of tea.

3. both are required Original content

If you start youtube or blogging If you coming with these thinking that you copy-paste content somewhere so my friends this field is not made for you.

Here you have to make your original video or text content. If you doing copy-paste any content so you will get penalties so many times and do not earn money here.

4. You need to continuous learning in both cases

If you want to successfully n blogging or your youtube journey so you have to focus on your continuous learning process.

You have to develop yourself on the extreme level after that you can get a name and fame on this platform and money will become automatically because money id\s the by-product.

Do not focus on money for the starting time of your journey.

Difference between Youtube vs Blogging

Now we will talk about the Differences between Youtube vs Blogging that’s why you get more clarification on your decision.


Here you have to make the content as a video


Here you have to create content as text but if you want, you can add videos and images to it.

Uploading videos on YouTube is absolutely free. You do not need to spend any money. In blogging, you have to spend money to host your blog, you have to buy a domain name and hosting.
You do not need to have much technical knowledge to work on YouTube. If you want to reach a good level of blogging, then it is very important to know about technical things.
You have to spend on camera and good lighting setup to make your video content look good. In blogging, if you have to set up your blog well then you will have to spend on the theme and plugin.
Here the owner of your account is google, he can delete your channel whenever he wants.

However, this does not happen, but if ever you give something wrong, then your channel is deleted.

In blogging, you own your own channel, Google can paralyze you at most.
The main means of earning is just Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing. Here the means of earning, except Google Adsense, besides many ads network and affiliate marketing, there are many.
Here you can promote regional content very well. Here you can promote regional content, but you can do it better than Youtube.

Can you Manage Youtube and Blogging? Both

Now we will Talk about if you want to do Blogging and Youtube simultaneously so is it possible to manage. So if you want to answer them.

To answer this question yes you can do blogging as well as youtube but it is very difficult. You have watched so many bloggers who do blogging as well as youtube.

But it’s very difficult you can not enjoy your life and you will not time for your family or your own life. Your life will be only youtube and Blogging.

And the other hand if you thinking that you can manage blogging and youtube channel in the prime so one thing remembers at the starting time when you do not have any team members you have to do everything yourself.

So this is very difficult and can say that it is impossible if you want to do your work in a better way.

My final thought

Hope you got the answer to your question is that Youtube vs Blogging and you got the better idea which is better for you.

If you like this article so share your opinion in the comment box and share this article with your friends and family.For more information, you can visit my site.

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