‘Is network marketing a good career option or Not for you?

Did you hear about network marketing word somewhere and you want to know more about network marketing. After reading this article you know what is network marketing in India and all about network marketing.

In this article, I will explain

  • What is network marketing,
  • What is an advantage,
  • Here you will learn about the black side of network marketing,
  • Is network marketing a good career,
  • How you find a good company,
  • How you will succeed in network marketing,
  • What is network marketing in India? etc.

So if you find the answer your all question related to the network marketing then hold your seat and connect with me.

What is network marketing:

When you hear any term so the first question comes in your mind what is this. Here I thought about network marketing so the first question is come what is network marketing,

Network marketing is the medium of marketing to reach the right product to the right consumer through the network of people,

It started in the 19th century of the world around 1936. It started in America.

So it’s not a good thing or a bad thing. It’s a way to promote the product that simple. At that time so many people are using digital marketing.

If you read this article till the end so you are able to answer this question Is network marketing a good career option. So connect with me.

So many people know its  different name like as direct selling, MLM, or multi-level marketing

What is the advantage of network marketing:

Now we have learned about what is network marketing now we will know about what is the advantages of direct selling because many people are looking for benefits in everything. So MLM has a lot of benefits

 Money freedom-

Network marketing gives you lifetime money freedom.  that means if you join a network marketing company and do hard work in some year as well as build a strong team.

After building a strong team you don’t need any work in your life for money your team does work for you.

Time freedom-

As I said if you do hard work one time so your team earns money to you and you do not need to do any work. The money will come in your whole life. you have a lot of time in your life which is to spend another place and enjoy your whole life with your family.

Public love and support-

When you are building a team in network marketing and get success in this industry then you get many things. money, time freedom, as well as so many people, love you because his life has changed only because of you.

So according to benefits until now network marketing is a good career option for students. But the film remains right now.

Blackside of network marketing:

As I thought about the benefits of network marketing but here I will think about some black side or loss of direct selling. Consider both sides you will decide is network marketing is a good career option in India or not.

I would like to tell you a secret to you so many people join MLM company and they left his journey just because of his black side.And after tghat he is thinking Is net6work marketing ios legal.

Some of the black side points are given below-

Hard work-

Hard work is the key to success this is the universal truth. so many people are run away this. In MLM you have a lot of hard work. you have to meet people, sowing plan people daily, learn daily, attend training.


In direct selling, you have to do every work daily basis.so many people are not able to do this so this is another black side point of network marketing.

People will ignore you-

After you join the network marketing company you just need to show the plan?

So when you go for the sowing the plan nearby peoples everybody ignore you. this is the big black side of MLM business.

Is network marketing a good career:

So many people have succeeded in the network marketing business in India as well as the whole world. So if you want to grow in this business so you just need to do hard work.

It is a very good career option. and one most thing in this business you can do this business full-time career or part-time wth your job or whatever you are doing.

You just do hard work and trust in yourself. And after some, You will decide itself is network marketing a good career option or not,

And do work along with your vision.

How you find a good company:

Ther are a lot of parameters to find a good company. the major factor is company product and its price.

If you are thinking to join a network marketing company and confused about how to find a good company?

Simple things

If you buy those company products without looking at its plan so that company is good for you.

Result of these if you do not earn a single rupee in this company so will not any loss.

The second factor is the

  • The company training system,
  • Payout system,
  • Plan module,
  •  You can check company life
  • Company legality
  • Company background

If you consider these all parameters so it will be very helpful to find a good company. and these all factor is good according to you so can definitely join this company.

How you will succeed in network marketing:

Every people want to succeed in our field and reach on the top. but nothing happens to only want you to have to do hard work for your dream. This principle is to apply everywhere.

So the secret mantra in the MLM business is only learned from those people who are successful in your field and apply in your work and after earning you will chooser itself Is network marketing a good career option or not.

I only guide you but have to do only you. If you are really successful in network marketing so get touch those people are already a success in your field and learn from him and apply in your work.

that’s solved.

Network marketing in India and it’s future :

If you are from India or you want to know about what is network marketing in India and its future in India so read this section

In India, network marketing is started in around 1995 with Oriflame but if you chacked today so there are so many companies are working in India. so many are bad but another hand many company are best.

 MLM company in India-

  • Amway
  • Herbalife
  • forever
  • mi lifestyle marketing
  • Healthachi
  •  vestige
  • safeshop.etc.


If  you want to join the best company click here

Network marketing future in India and Is network marketing a good career option:

Every country’s network marketing future is very bright. Especially in India network marketing’s future is very bright now network marketing business is supported by the Indian government.

Now the Indian government released guidelines on network marketing.

So don’t worry about network marketing as a career option in India.


So If you read this article yet so I am 100% sure you will decide Is network marketing a good career option or not  So Are you ready to join a network in a network marketing company and get success in the MLM industry.

so this article will help you. many people are joining this industry but they left in half and they blame this industry.

so remember one thing do not promote your company basis on money, promote your company on the basis of good advice.



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