How to write a complete article within 20 minutes

When you are a beginner or you start a blog in currently so one of the biggest you ever faced in your blogging journey you want to write your blog post in very short terms.

For doing this you do research very well that how to write articles faster but when you start writing your blog so you failed in your work because you are a beginner in the blogging or writing field.

And you do not have any experience in the article writing field or blog writing field you always take 5 to 6 hours to write a blog post.

so if you have this same problem so this article is specially made for you and when you read this whole article so you feel and get the answer to how to write articles faster that you find some extra power in your article writing skill.

And when you implement it in your blogging article writing field you will get an amazing result. Friends when I started my blogging career so I have faced this kind of problem.

I want to write more and the best article for my blog website but my typing speed is too low and I do not have any experience in content writing.

so I have faced always disappointment so according to my personal experience, I will provide you some amazing tips.

And after implementing these tips in your blogging journey you will get the answer to your question of how to write articles faster.

So without wasting your important time let get started

How to Write Articles faster

Before providing all tips and tricks one thins I will suggest to you as a brother, Brother I do not have any mantra and shortcut way.

As I said writing is a skill and when you practice your skill then you will improve day by day and your speed of typing is increased day by day so do not take it as a cup of tea.

Here I will provide you some tips and tricks so you get answers on how to write articles faster because as a beginner we do not have the high typing speed you what will I do.

So in the beginning I save time in between all tasks when I perform during the time of the writing of blogs or articles.

Tips and Tricks for how to Write Articles faster –

Friends I share you some tips and Tricks which is used in your article your speed of article will be increased 10 times better and you will write the more article for your blog post.

1) Set the Mindset to write

Friends here I want to say that first of all you have to decide and clear the mindset that you want to wrt6ite a complete article today.

You never use the reason to backout your promise. when you will promise yourself so never feel tired when you start the writing.

2) Build a proper calendar for your Post

Before you start a write an article so you just need to organize a calendar for your blog post. You must have at least 3 or 4 days’ backup calendar.

If you thinking you start to generate ideas today and research today and after that, you write an article today and publish the article today so you are doing the biggest mistakes.

Because when you do something very fast to you will lose your quality and one thing you will always remember in your blogging field you never compromise with your quality of content.

so I recommend to you a suggestion you prepare a calendar at least 3 to 4 days before writing your blog and this frequency always maintain. and you will see the difference in your writing skill.

3) Proper Research Idea

When you want to write an article faster so you need to properly research for your content if you already know about proper knowledge of the content

how to write articles faster
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So you do not need the research of your content but if you do not know about the content that’s all peoples not sure about his knowledge so they prefer to research again about the article.

So you need to research his content separately when you write your blog post and research in a proper to optimize way or proper optimization.

Proper optimization means some times you will see a lot of peoples you research everything about his article but when they start writing their article so they will be confused about his content.

so you never do this and do your research in the proper way in the starting time I have done this mistake lot of times so this is my personal experience. and on the basis of my personal experience, you never do this.

4) During Writing, don’t edit

if you want to write a blog article faster so in the beginning you have to know this thing and after that, you will the amazing result in your content writing.

How to write Articles faster
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when you start writing your article so you never edit your text until when you complete at least one paragraph or one heading.

What do you write a word and in this word if some mistakes contain so you start to edit and waster your lot of time?

So now you start to do never edit during your writing believe me friends when you remove this mistake you will see the amazing result.

5)During Editing, don’t Write

This the Same and opposite of the previous headings in the previous heading I told you never edit during the writing and now I will suggest you when you went so never write until you do the all editing.

How to write Articles faster
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After writing you will start to edit your all text so you properly focussed on the one things and believed me I personally use these tips then I am telling you.

And by using these tips and tricks my writing speed increased 10 times.

6) Stop writing from time to time

Before this point doesn’t complete this answer to the question of how to write articles faster because our mind and body want to rest from time to time.

If you do not give the proper rest so your mind feels so tired so when you write the article then take the rest for certain periods of time

Never write continuously without taking a rest you used the alarm for notifying you for the break and after taking a small time rest you can start your writing.

In the starting time, you just set a maximum of 1 hour for working time and after that, you will take a minimum of 10 minutes breaks.

And when you comfortable investing more time so you increase this time period gradually.

7)Add Images and video after finishing the writing

We know images and video is the best and important part of better and attractive engagement and we all used the images and video in our article.

So now what will we do we just simply add all video and imaged after we finish my all writing work because when we add images and video so it will take a tot of extra time to set them and upload the,

so I suggest you use this after completing the writing work and after doing this you will see the extraordinary result.

I will never suggest that you will write your blog post in 20 or 30 minutes because I will write at least a 1500 to 2000 word quality post so it will take a long time.

8)Write your conclusion sooner

One more thing remember in your answer how to write articles faster you write your whole article sooner wait I did not say that you write a conclusion at the beginning of the articles

You just write the conclusion as sooner as possible because the conclusion is the call to action of your whole article so you just write as sooner and after that, you will update this.

9)Practice and Practice

In the beginning, you never judge yourself that you are very slow in typing because as a beginning when you start any work so you do not have any experience in your work.

And which tips and tricks I will share with you this is a time saver technique it will save you much time and that time you will invest in your other activity.

but you follow these tips and start practice and practice so you will become experts in your work because practice will make men perfects.

you have seen lots of people and a lot of examples are in front of you in your city and your area so why you will not become examples for our world in your work.

My final through

Now we have come to the final stage of these articles and I am 200% sure you will get the answer to your questions on how to write articles faster in the proper way.

And believe me, friends everyone does these things to improve his writing skill you are a beginner in the content writing field so you feel some occurred for doing things.

But believe me, friends, if you follow tips and start6doing practicing in content writing so you will break your all rules.

So in the end, I want to say one thing if you like this article and if you learned somethings about this articles so please3 share this and if you have any suggestions for improvement in this article so please comment below.

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