6 Ways to get free USA traffic for Affiliate marketing and generate more sales 2022

At this time so many peoples start affiliate marketing and they just want to do Promote His affiliate link in the USA and UK countries and Those peoples do not know how it is done.

And those peoples want to know How to get free USA traffic for affiliate marketing and they generate more sales and obviously when sales will be increased then revenue automatically increased.

so are you facing this problem you design the USA or UK-based Affiliate marketing site and you want the only USA and UK base traffic on your site and generate more money with a small amount of targeted traffic so this is post is specially design for you and only for your help?

In this post, I will tell you how can you get USA or UK traffic on your Affiliate link that’s why you earn more comission.

How to get free USA traffic for Affiliate marketing-

SO there are several ways to getting USA traffic on your affiliate link and generate more sales some are paid ways and others is a free method but in this article, we will talk about the only freeway.

Why you should consider USA or UK based traffic on your Affiliate link-

SO you have to hear so many peoples say they design an Affiliate website and they want only USA traffic on his website or his affiliate link.

And another word we can say that is they only want to promote their affiliate link in USA and UK countries so what is the reasons so most of the peoples say this

because there are around more than 200 countries in the world but most of the peoples only targeted first America and United states so what is that reasons

so the main reasons of this choice are that the earning potential. Earning potential most of the peoples are aware in these countries about online shopping.

That is not all if I will target other countries except both of you can earn but if you target both counties so you can earn more and more as compared to other countries.

The other reason to target American and UK counties are that peoples of these countries are not afraid of Online hopping otherwise other countries not prefer online shopping in most cases. They believe they will get lost if they buy something online.

Free Promotion Takes Time, and Quick Results Can Cost You-

This is a very important line and more of the peoples do not ask you because if they said this to you so you can works on the Affiliate marketing so they show you only result but they never tell you about his journey. And you are also seeing the result never try to see about his struggle faces.

SO let’s come to the points and talk about the How to get free USA traffic for Affiliate marketing of anybody so one thing always remembers that if you start with free promotion so in the starting time you have to work hard and have patience.

Because free things will take time to grow you have to try different ways to promote and different techniques of promotion then you will get the result.

so if you came here to think it will be an easy process so this si, not easy bro. and especially when you are targeting USA and UK countries because that is very difficult when you start with the paid advertisement because so many peoples like you already doing this job. Are you getting my points?

But when you will get the right path once then your Affiliate marketing runs automatically with more effort and more time spend but starting time is very difficult to face.

Does the free Method still works- 

This is the most common question that comes to your mind before starting your work in Affiliate marketing so that answer is yes.

There are lots of peoples use the free methods and earns lots of money by handling free traffic through his website or through his youtube channel and many more ways about these I will explain ahead of this sections.

But if you do not have money to spending on paid advertisement but you have enough time to invest to always go through the free method and another hand if you have money to spend on paid advertisement to always go through the paid advertisement.

Because is you start with the paid advertisement so you will get the result very fast and start earning very limited time periods.

How to get free USA traffic for Affiliate marketing on your Affiliate link-

Now come to the best ways or best method which you can use to bring free traffic in your affiliate link and convert more sales in USA &UK. so let’s start the methods-

1-SEO(Search engine Optimization)-

IF you have an Affiliate related website and Blog and you want to drive traffic on that website or Blog post to convert more sales so this is the perfect and best way to get free traffic for affiliate marketing and it will give you result in the long terms.

SO do your Website properly Optimise to Serch engines Like Google or Any other search engine and rank your website on search engine then you will get the traffic from the search engine.

And getting the traffic from the USA you have to optimize your post or website according to the targeted country. the major points to do Proper SEO of your website-

1- On-Page SEO

  • Proper Keyword research
  • Proper Keyword Placement 

2- Off-Page SEO

3-Technical SEO of your website


This the perfect and best way to bring free traffic from the USA & UK and especially your audience is women’s so this is amazing to do Affiliate marketing.

Pinterest is Images or Graphics sharing site so you have to share images on this site to your target audience and then after you have to share your affiliate link.

3- Facebook-

We all know about Facebook and I believe you had a definitely Facebook profile. so Facebook is the best way to bring traffic on your affiliate link free from the USA countries.

You have to create a Facebook page according to your niche then provides the values to the peoples and then after share your affiliate link to the peoples and generate more sales to your affiliate link.

4- Youtube-

We all know youtube is the second largest search engine in the world and more than 2 billion monthly active users on youtube.

and around more than 16% of traffic comes from the USA. so if you are working on youtube so you will get more traffic on your affiliate link through Youtube.

And this is all traffic is free so start works on youtube for free traffic from the USA &UK.

I think you are getting the answer to your question How to get free USA traffic for Affiliate marketing so work on the free method which I told you.


Instagram is a great source to get free traffic and recently Instagram added the reels option so that is a big opportunity to grow and get the free USA traffic on the affiliate marketing.

So why are you waiting to start working on Instagram and get the free traffic on your affiliate link?

6- Quora-

Quora is another course of traffic and the best way to bring free traffic to your affiliate link and your Affiliate offer. There are lots of peoples the using only quora generates more sales in affiliate marketing.

We all know Quora is the Question answer site where you may ask your question or you can answer any question. so if you are not using Quora till now so start today.

You can simply create your account and then answer the question related to your niche and in the answer, you can place your affiliate link.

My Final Thought

In the end, I want to tell you if you read this article till now and you are staying with me yet so you get the idea about How to get free USA traffic for Affiliate marketing and earn money.

And your all doubt has been cleared about the How to get free USA traffic for Affiliate marketing and generate more sales and if still, you have any idea and doubt related to How to get free USA traffic for Affiliate marketing and which the best free traffic sources so you can ask me without any hesitation.

And if you like this article so share this article with your friends and family who are very confused about How to get free USA traffic for Affiliate marketing and which is the best traffic source for you to bring the traffic to your affiliate link.

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