How to Enable Voice Search In YouTube for best experience?

Hello Friends In this video we will learn about How you can start a Voice search on your youtube. At that time we all know Voice search is the biggest trend.

The voice search strands are just because the People are using very excitedly day over day and they are getting the most and effective results.

Most of the using search Engines like Google, Youtube and Bing, and other search engine Integrated this facility in his Search Engine.

As a result of this integration, most people are using these features and enjoy them very much but here we will talk about the Youtube search engine.

And we all know Youtube is the Second Largest Search Engine in this World and Obviously the first rank deserving is Google.

So sometimes we are seeing the most of the smartphone either is Android mobiles or IOS mobile they can not support this voice search in youtube.

Which peoples depend on the voice search they faced lots of problems to solving his problem and getting the result of his search Query.

So in the article, I will teach you how can you resolve this problem and enable the Search option in your Youtube application.

What is Voice Search-

Now we will discuss what is Voice Search so In the older time peoples were using Text typing to search for any query on the Internet or any Search Engine.

And after that How the Internet penetration is increased so the Search engine also upgrades and there are a lot of new features was integrated into the search engine.

Now the present time one new feature is integrated with most of the search engines that is Voice search. the benefits of these features are you can easily search your any query by speaking.

In these features, you have no need to type any single letter only you open these features in your search engine search tap and ask something which is you want to know.

And the result will we getting invoice form and very short line. So just because of these amazing benefits peoples start to use these features.

The region behind Using the Voice Search In Youtube-

As I said the Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world and around 2 billion users are active on youtube in the world.

And around 50% of users are using the voice search option to search their queries. the more reason to use these amazing features is given below.

  • Most of the peoples are starting to use internet due to these amazing features either they are well educated or less educated. they used the internet and finding answer to his questions
  • Peoples are getting their results in voice content and short form.
  • Getting very fast results.
  • The avg. speed of typing to any peoples is around 40 rpm but the avg. speaking speed of any man is around 160 wpm. So that is another region to use it.

How to Enable Voice Search In YouTube-

Sometimes so many peoples are facing this problem in his mobile and his laptop. They are not able to search in the youtube application due to this option not working in his youtube application.

so now we will be talking about how can you enable voice search in the Youtube application.

How to Enable Voice Search In YouTube in Your Mobile-

  1. Install youtube on his Mobile phone from the Play Store or IOS store.
  2. Open your Youtube application.
  3. Click on the search bar and tap on the mike.
  4. To enable this option go to your mobile setting
  5. Open your mobile setting and click on the Apps or Application option.
  6. Now find out the Youtube app and tap on it.
  7. When will you tap on the Youtube application the now click on the Permission?
  8. When you tap on the Permission then click on the Microphones and Allow it.

After doing this you will see Your Youtube Search Option is working properly

If this option not working yet so tap on the clear cache and clear all cache now that sit.

Final Thought

I hope You got How to Enable Voice Search In YouTube and your all doubt is clear related to the How to Enable Voice Search In YouTube.

Still, if you had any doubt related to how to enable voice search on youtube on your mobile so please ask me in the comment box, and if you have any suggestions to so also tell me.

I am very thankful to you for reading this article if you like this article so please share it with your family and friends.

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