Best Way to do affiliate marketing through email List in 2022

We all know at this points in time soo many peoples doing affiliate marketing through email and earn more and more money through this way so do you want to know how to do affiliate marketing through email list and you also earn money in this way so this article is very helpful to you.

Email marketing is the very best and powerful way to promote your affiliate link and this method gives you a very high conversion rate provided you should know the effective way to do this.

SO if you do not know how you can do this in the proper way so do not worry I will teach you how you can write the proper Email and also how can you build a huge email list and if you do not have an email list then I will provide you the secrets where you can get the idea to build the email list.

Now if you want to clear your all doubt related to Email Affiliate marketing then stay with me on this article till the end and learn whatever I will teach you and after that apply your personal strategy for better results.

How to do affiliate marketing through email list in the best way-

In this article, you will be learned everything about Email affiliate marketing and other related topics But before that how to do affiliate marketing through email you need to know many things. so if you want to know about this and want to be a good email marketer then this post can be very useful to you so read this article till the end.

What is Email marketing-

when you start affiliate marketing through Email marketing then the first question that comes to your mind that is what is email marketing so Email marketing is to send the message to your targeted audience in the form of Email with the help of any email marketing tool.

To do Email marketing you need some important things that are called email marketing tools.

so I hope you got my points about Email marketing.

Essential Requirements to do Affiliate email marketing-

As I said to you if you want to do Affiliate marketing through Email marketing you need some essential requirements to do this.

And if you start your Email affiliate marketing through these tools so your chance to getting success is high and you start earning money with very limited time periods. so my strong recommendation to you to start everything with proper planning.

These tools are-

1.Proper knowledge about affiliate marketing

2.Email list 

3.Email marketing tool 

4.Proper writing skills to write an effective email.

Is Email marketing dead today-

This is the most common question which asks tots of peoples to me is today email marketing is dead or not can we start Email marketing today or it’s waste of time.

So those all questions answer is no. Email marketing is not dead provided it is getting increased day by day because more affiliate marketers, Youtuber, and bloggers using Email marketing to generate their sales.

So do not worry about Email marketing future

Advantages of Email marketing-

Now let’s talk about the advantages and benefits of email marketing and why are you using email marketing for affiliate marketing so let me talk about this –

1.The first reason to use email marketing in affiliate marketing is Email marketing is a very low-cost campaign. if you use email marketing compare to another promotional platform then you have to benefit from email marketing.

2.The second important advantage of email marketing is you connect directly to your audience through email.

Disadvantages of Email marketing-

Now talk about some disadvantages of email marketing –

1.If you do not use the proper email marketing tool then most of the send email goes into the spam folder.

2.90% of your sent emails never opened by the right peoples.

3.for the best result, your email writing skill should be good.

How to build an email list for affiliate marketing-

You should have a huge email list to do email marketing so if you a good number of people’s email lists then you earn more and more profit to promote an affiliate product.

so now let discuss how can you build an email list for affiliate marketing. peoples say that in email marketing your email list is your assets.

The longer the email list, the more earning. So you always work on your email list if you want to do affiliate marketing through email marketing.

And how can you build a maximum number of people’s email list I told you about this, so let’s start this –

Sign up for any  Email Service-

to build an email list, first of all, you should sign up for a good email service provider which is very mandatory as i said to you, and never compromised in this.

And make sure he had all permission to send the email under the email send guidelines. because so many peoples do not want email and when somebody sent an email then he can tolerate them.

so make sure to confirm this and he had both permissions first one is implied permission and the second one is express permission.

implied permission is you have an existing relationship with them and express permission is opposite to implied permission that means you do not have any existing relationship with them. so confirm that.

Add the Sign-up form to your site home page-

The second point is if you want to collect the email of your visitors then you have to add an email signup form on your website and collect the email.

Also never think that once you add the form to your website so peoples will come and fill their email easily. this would not happen. you have to optimize your email collect form and test at the different places.

as according to my experience you must use email collect form at the top of the homepage of your website and it gives me a better result than the other places.

Always gives you the best and free stuff to your Audiences-

As I said to you peoples will not provide you their email and name easily so the best way to collect their email by providing the free state.

Here I want to say something to you, peoples always want something free, and when you directly ask them to provide their email so they would not give you and by the free thing they always ready to provide their details.

Thats why you have seen soo many big players proving free stuff and deals by getting the email list so you should also try this.

Create automated drip emails-

These points also very important, You should set up the automatic drop welcome email Whenever somebody fills in your signup form.

And this point also gives you a strong engagement and strong fan following, Never miss this.

Produce great content-

You heard so many times that is content is the king, and that is true, If your content quality is not good then peoples do not like your content and if peoples will not like your content then peoples will not like you.

so analyze your content and if you seem your content quality can be improved then improved them. You should publish high-quality content on your website.

Works on Audience engagement-

So many peoples have this question that is he works on his content and content quality but they can not get a good result.

so that is the main reason is they do not work on Audience engagement so try to understand one thing content is not enough at the time because everyone works on it so you have to do some extra.

And this extra is works on the Audience engagement.

Use the name of the recipient in the greeting-

As I said if you work on the user engagement so the user feels like family with you so whenever somebody signs up for your website then you should send a greeting email and try to this email content that contains his name.

And you should avoid using yourself and other words instead wherever you can you use the name of the user.

Don’t spam-

You know what is spam if you send emails again and again. So do not do this because whenever you do this so the user will be offended and they do not interest to read your email and when he does not see your email so you can get a better result by your email.

Get permission from your subscriber-

These points will be helpful to how to do affiliate marketing through email marketing but When you create a website to collect the email addresses of your subscriber so at first, you should get permission to send the email to your subscribers.

Because I have seen so many times there are most of the peoples are offended when somebody sent him any email by the known person so you should get the permission to send the email that’s why you never any issue in future.

Follow the guidelines of your affiliate program-

You should start your email marketing campaign under the guideline of the Affiliate program because not every program allows the email campaign to promote their affiliate program.

Like you get the example of the popular Affiliate program Amazon affiliate program. Amazon affiliate programs do not allow to promote their affiliate offer through the Email marketing campaign.

So my strong suggestion to all at first read and check the affiliate program’s full agreement and guidelines then you should start your campagin.

My Final Thought- How to do affiliate marketing through Email 

At the end, I want to tell you if you read this article till now and you are staying with me yet so you get the idea about how to do affiliate marketing through email list.

And your all doubt has been cleared about how to do affiliate marketing through email list and how can you build the huge email list.

And if you have any idea and doubt related to how to promote any affiliate link through email marketing then please tell me in the comment box.

And if you like this article so share this article with your friends and family who are very confused about how to do affiliate marketing through email marketing at the points of time and how can you earn money through email marketing by promoting affiliate products.

You can check more about to get more information about Affiliate marketing and Blogging.

FAQ-How to start affiliate marketing with Email marketing

1.Can you put affiliate links in emails?

No,You can put your Affiliate link in email but this is not the proper way to promote your affiliate link and you can not get the best conversion. my strong recconandation to you build a website and landing page and after that drive the traffic on your landing page and generate sales.
Other hand some affiliate do not allow to d this and if you directly promote your affiliate link in the email then they banned you.

2.Is email marketing the same as affiliate marketing?

No this both concept are different. Affiliate marketing is used for earn commission by the sales and Email marketing is the medium to promote their affiliate product and affiliate link.
So do not confused these concept.

3.Do you need an email list for affiliate marketing?

Yes, Email list is your assets, Not only to promote your affiliate link or affiliate marketing but also promotion any type of business whare you need to target to the audiences and generate sales.
So for different type of promotion you need to build differnet type of peoples email list according to their interest and demographic and other factor.

4.Does affiliate marketing still work in 2021?

This is most common question to everyone who want to start affiliate marketing so this question answer is yes.
Not only in 2021 affiliate marketing will worthit till when the business are still alive in this earth.
Because affiliate marketing business model is totally based on the businesses and companies.
So do not worry about the future of the Affiliate marketing.

5.Which website is best for affiliate marketing?

There are soo many Affiliate website are working in the affiliate industry and if you want to start your affiliate marketing career so start with-
Amazon Associates.
Flipkart affiliate
ShareASale Affiliates
Solvid Affiliate.
eBay Partners.
Shopify Affiliate Program.
Rakuten Marketing Affiliates.
Leadpages Partner Program.

6.What is the best email marketing platform?

There are soo many best email marketing platform are available in the industry. some are free and some are paid.
But my strong suggestion to you if you are serious about the affiliate marketing so always start with the paid platform. There are some is –
Click funnel
Get response

7.How do I get an email list for marketing?

You can build your email list according to your niche by using the different ways and this is the best way to get email list for marketing.

8.How can I start affiliate marketing with no money?

Yes, you can start affiliate marketing with no money and start to earn money.
But free things takes time so if you have enough time to invest then you start with affiliate marketing business without no money and i have already publish a complete guide on this.

9.Can affiliate marketing make you rich?

Yes, no doubt affiliate marketing business make you rich with in very small period of time but you have to work along the right direction with right strategy.

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