Hostinger web Hosting Honest In simple way.

If you want to Start Your Own Blog or  Design a Website website for your business and do not have an unlimited budget to spend on your website

But you never compromise your Website quality so This is the Perfect Place to Guide you Here you will get the Best Guide for your Website as well as various types of offers which will very helpful to you for Design your Perfect Blog and Earn Money from your Blog or Website.

Yes, Today I will give you the perfect  Hostinger Hosting Review, and Also I will Share My persona Experience about this Web Hosting Service.

And After Reading this Post You will get A perfect idea About which hosting is perfect for you although you are a beginner or a Medium level of blogger or a Business.

But you have confused about which Hosting is perfect for you that give you a perfect result and you will never feel lost after choosing a web Hosting.

Because At that time there is soo much hosting Company in the market and every company has own Specioallity. And Somewhere You heard about the Hostinger web Hosting

And From then you searching the Perfect Hostinger Hosting Review and a perfect Deal to you and Till now you have read lots of Article and Watched lots of videos

But Your Doubt does not Clear yet Because Every place you have seen a different experience so you got confused but don’t worry now you are a perfect place to remove your all confusion.

Here not only I will provide you a perfect Logical answer but also I will provide you expect proof and Share my personal experience with you which gives you more clarification.

Hostinger Hosting Review With Special Offer-

Now let’s talk about the Honest review about Hostinger Web hosting Review so learn it step by step and without miss a word because every Word is very important to clear your confusion.

Little Introduction about Hostinger web Hosting Company-

Before Count and Explaining about the Hostinger Hosting review and features I want to give a little Intro About the Hostinger web Hosting Company

Because Before Using any service or Product in your life You just need to know about the company and the organization about the company.

Hostinger is an American-based company that is established in 2004. At the starting time, Hostinger’s company name is Hosting Media And the 2011 Hosting media changed in Hostinger.

And currently, Holsinger has 29 million active users in 178 countries and the best part is that is Every day average of 10,000 users Signup on this platform.

that’s the reason Hosting growing very rapidly.

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Is Hostinger Web Hosting is Good for Beginner?

This is the most common question which is ever asking for everyone Although if he is a Begineer or Advance person but Noone gives the best answer to this query.

But today I will give you the best explanation about that.

At first, you got my point when someone starts their Blogging or Affiliate marketing Journey so he has not enough money to Invest everywhere.

And he is no need to invest lots of money in the Web hosting service because at the Starting time we all are a newbie and I have no idea about many things like SEO, How to write a perfect article and many things.

SO at the starting time, there is no big traffic on our site like 1000 or 10000 users real-time traffic but when we become expert in our work so that is a small number.

So At the starting time point of view Hosting is very very affordable to everyone and a new easily buy this and start their journey on the WordPress platform.

Hostinger Shared Hosting According to my experience it can Easily Handle 250  to 350 real-time traffic but if this traffic increased so you need to upgrade your plan very easily.

And there is the option are available in this Hosting Service and that is the best part according to me and also it gives so many amazing helpful features in his service which is we will discuss one by one.

Best Hostinger Overall offer-

Now let’s talk about that if you think to use Hostinger Hosting Service so what Special offer you will get an offer from Hostinger Hosting service.

Hostinger Hosting Plans-

If I recommend you something so, first of all, I will clear your all doubt and I hope that whatever I told you about the Hostinger Hosting review you got very well.

And now discuss more points so, first of all, discussion about the plans so So Hostinger Provides you different plans in the different Price range.

  • Shared web hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • WordPress optimized Hosting

Hostinger Hosting Plans
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And if you are a beginner and want to start your own website on WordPress so my personal recommendation to you always to invest in Shared web hosting.

It will best Service to you and after that, you can upgrade this very easily. In shared web hosting, you will get Three Plans

  • Single web Hosting 
  • Premium web Hosting
  • Business web Hosting

Hostinger web Hosting Plans
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Single Web Hosting-

As you can see This is the basic plan to start Your website journey in this plan you get some features but the limitation of this plan there are so many.

And again I will say you the price of this plan is too low so obviously, the features are limited. In this plan, you can host only one website

And also you will not get a free domain or Backup facility. These both are very important points.

Premium Web Hosting

This is the very best plan for everyone and I personally recommend it for everyone if someone starts with the hosting so must start with this plan.

In this plan, you will get amazing features and around 2x resources as compared to the single web hosting plan. And the most important part is that in this plan you will get the free domain and weekly backup support.

So that is amazing so choose at least these plans at the starting point.

Business Web Hosting-

So if you choose this plan so you will get an extra and amazing feature which takes your expert level ix one more step so you can choose this one for more best result.

In this plan, you will get the CDN setup and Daily backup support and that’s very helpful to you for choosing this plan.

Hostinger Web Hosting Features and Free Stuff-

Now let’s talk about the Hostinger Offer and features in details one by one

1.Uptime and loading speed-

Every Website performance defines its growth and if your website Goes slow from time to time so that is the issue due to uptime.

Uptime basically defines that is how long your website is on condition is Hostinger commit that the 99.99% uptime. According to Hostinger if any reason hosting Hosting uptime goes to down less than 99.9% so you will contact him and they will give you 5% of your monthly fees.

Hostinger web hosting Uptime
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And the other hand it gives you a very fast loading Speed it gives you 350 ms. Fast loading speed.

2.Very Affordable Price-

Hostinger provides you Web Hosting At a very low price and Compare of Hosting performance is very affordable and that is an important point of the Hostinger Hosting review.

And the competitor of Hostinger thinks that how it can provide the best hosting at a cheap price so don’t worry you will never feel the loss from the price point of view.

And if you Apply my coupon code NY2021 so you get the extra benefits and then I will provide you extra bonuses.

3.Free Domain-

So Friends Every Hosting Design the first need is Domain and if you get a plan from Hostinger so it gives you a free domain name for a year.

Although Hostinger Single web Hosting Plan you do not get Free domain but my personal recommendation to you start with the Premium web hosting plan and get extra benefits.

4.Free SSL Certificate-

With the Hostinger web hosting plan, you also get a free SSL ( secure sockets layer) absolutely Free for One year.

Because every New Blogger Always concerns about the His website security so Hostinger provides you SSL certificate and also SSL is mandatory for all websites for google ranking.

4. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee-

This is a very important part which is differentiate hosting from another hosting service That is if you buy any Plan from Hosting then You do not satisfied with the hosting service although is not possible but if by chance you do not satisfied with the hosting service so you can get back your all money without any query.

These are the unique points Which do not give most of the big Hosting companies.

5.Backup Facility- 

I always say that you need to take backup your website manually but Hostinger solve this problem it will provide you Backup facility by automatically

Sometimes happens that you write very well-researched content on your site but for some reason, your Whole website crashed or hacked so your all hard work is destroyed but if you buy Hostinger so you do not worry about that.

Your all backup saved automatically and when you need it so you can be restored very easily. And for this work, many Hosting companies charged a very high amount for this but Hostinger provides this for free.

And that is the very most important point of the Hostinger Hosting Review.

6.Customer Support-

if you are designing a website and you do not belong to the technical fields so you faced lots of problems during the design of the website.

So at that point, you need the best hosting technical support who can guide you to resolve your problem, and if you buy Hostinger hosting plan so you will get amazing chat support along to the Hostinger.

Hostinger hosting contact support
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Hostinger technical support is too amazing yes sometimes you have faced problems to reply but that the main reason is if you belong in India so according to the USA timing is mismatches but you get the reply within 2 to 3 hours.

So all in all the chat support is hosting is so amazing.

7.Free Site Migration-

In the Hostinger Hosting plan you will get the free site migration that means if you are using different hosting but you are not satisfied with your Hosting

So if you are Shift to the Hostinger Hosting plan so you do not take any tension about website transfer Hostinger team gives you free website Migration to the Hostinger service.

And the other hand, if you get to migrate your websites any other person so will charge money for website migration, and no other hosting company, provide you this facility.

8.Free Cloudflare CDN Integration-

If you chose Hostinger hosting so it will provide you Cloudflare CDN Integration CDN means Content Delivery network.

It will cloud your whole WordPress website in different servers temporarily and when someone opens your website so it will load your website fast and secure your website.

So hosting Provides you with free.

9.Hpanel Instead of Cpanel-

Hostinger provides you Hpanel Instead you Cpanel Generally most of the company provides you cpannel but Hostinger provides you very amazing and easy to use Hpanel.

That is the very big advantage to all Begineer because Cpannel is much difficult to excess as compare to the hpanel.

And a beginner also understands this very easily and after that operate it’s very easy. This is the best point for the Hostinger Hosting review.

Every time Upgrate-

Hostinger Hosting company provides you these amazing features in the Panel. So if you need to upgrade your current hosting plan to Upper Hosting Plan so You can upgrade easily and without any tension.

Because sometimes we need to upgrade our current plan because of some reasons like traffic but most of the companies do not provide these features in their hosting plan but in the hosting, you will get the amazing plan.

Hostinger hosting contact support
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Pros. and Cons. of Hostinger Web Hosting-

Now let’s talk about some Pros and cons. Hostinger Web Hosting service because I can not talk about in one way I believe in explaining both of the sites.

Pros of Hostinger-

  • Hostinger gives you a 99.9% Uptime guarantee and fast server response time.
  • Superfast website loading.
  • Free Domain for One year
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Good technical support
  • Backup Option
  • Cloudflare CDN Integration
  • Best affordable low budget price service.
  • 30 Days money-back guarantee.

Cons of Hostinger-

  • Live phone call support.
  • Chat support after the login process.
  • No traditional Cpanel

Who should Choose Hostinger?

  • New Blogger and Affiliate marketer
  • Small and medium business

Why do We trust Hostinger?

There are 29 million active users in 178 countries and is that is Every day average of 10,000 users Signup on this platform.

And the other hand Hostinger featured in top magazines Forbes, Techradar, TRUSTPILOT, Bloomberg, and HUFFPOST. That is the best Hostinger Hosting review for you.

How can you Buy Hostinger Hosting At the Lowest price| Big Discount offer on Hostinger with Hostinger Promo-

Now we will discuss How can you grab the best deal of Hostinger Hosting At the minimum price. And one more special news to my all Blogger and Youtube Family

For your Unbreakable love and support, I aks for Hostinger team for an extra Discount to my Viewer family, and the best thing they agree for that and he gave me a Special Coupon code NY2021.

And whose my viewer applies this code during Purchasing this code then he will get another extra discount on the Hosinger Hosting Deals.

So Why are you waiting just to click and grab this amazing deal instantly because this a limited-time offer just go and check your discount offer?

Now I will guide you to grabbing the best discount offer so let’s started.

1.Click Here to Get a Discount offer immediately and go to the best deal And after clicking there you will navigate the best deal page.

Hostinger web Hosting
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2.After when you scroll down then you will get the plan to add to cart select one and after that click on the add to Cart.

shared web hosting plan
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3.Now Price will be displayed after applying the NY2021 coupon code.

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4.After that click on the checkout option and select your payment method.

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6.Then After filling in your all details and click on the Make Your Payment.

hstinger hosting complete payment
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Overall Rating

1.Performance – 4 out of 5
2.Pricing -4.5 out of 5
3.Support – 4 out of 5
4.User Friendly- 4 out of 5
5.Features -4 out of 5

Overall it has the Best performance and essential features within budget.

We highly recommend you to purchase any web hosting service after reading Hostinger hosting review That gives you a clear vision and some parameters.

My Final thought –

I hope you got Hostinger Hosting Review also you know very well about Why are you choosing Hostinger web hosting

So if you all doubt clear about Is Hostinger is good for you or not and Which Hostinger hosting Plan you should choose according to your need and You most liked Hosting Hosting Review.

If you also have any doubt or suggestions about Hostinger Hosting Review and its features so comment below.

And if you liked the Hostinger Hosting Review post so please share this post with your friends and family and I am very thankful to you for reading this post.

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