Event Blogging is a Good Option at This time or Not for you?

So many peoples are very confused about event blogging. So peoples know about blogging but they have not idea about this they know something.

Some of the peoples are now only blogging but they do not have proper knowledge about event blogging. Those want to make a lot of money in his blogging career.

But they are very confused about how to start this and how to set up an event blog.and how to make money through the event blogging so if you are one of them.

So this is the right place for you. Here I will give you all guide to beginner to advance in event blogging. If you are a beginner and want to establish a strong career in the blogging field.

So read this article till the end and I am 200% sure if you read this and follow my all tricks and tips so you will become a pro event6 blogger.

So hold your sets and tight tour belt. Are you ready for becoming a pro event blogger? So without wasting your time lets get started.

What is Event Blogging –

It’s a micro niche blogging. If you make a blog on a special occasion event and special day and especially target an upcoming event or special day.

So this called Event blogging. This special event may be Holi Dewali new year  Eis or etc. making a blog and get a huge amount of traffic at that event.

Event blogging does not a long-term blog it’s a very short-term blog. You just take advantage of a small-time and earn money.

I sure you understand all about the event blogging. Because so many peoples have this que3astion that what is event blogging. Am I right? so go ahead.

What is the Scope of Event Blogging? –

Soo many people’s minds have this question that what is the scope of event blogging. Every country has many festivals and they celebrate his festival in his way.

Especially India is a king of festival.lot of festivals are celebrates every year. So whoever wants to celebrate festivals like so many peoples according to his culture and personal interest.

Every Indian want to know how to celebrate independence day in the proper way. Every lover boy interested to know how to celebrate valentine’s day especially.

And every boy Want to know how to celebrate Mother’s day and father’s day in a special way that’s why his parents so proud of him and etc. Are you agree with my thought?

So these means the whole world is your prospect so0 no worry about the traffic. But this Traffic is available on the few days during the particular day. That day if your arti8cle tank on google’s first page so you will get a huge amount of traffic on your site.

How do you Find Event To Target –

There are first things come into your mind before starting an event blog on how to find Event To Targe because soo many events are in the search.

Here I  give you some parameters and you check this parameter what you have searched –

  1. Those events have a lot of search volume. If you are working low search volume event so you west your time in event blogging.
  2. Do not choose a highly competitive niche.
  3.  You know about those events or research properly.
  4. If you rank on the first page of Google so that’s good you should work on that keyword and if you have any doubt so do not work on it.

New year, Dewali, Holi, Christmas, Valentine day, Ipl, Bigboss, These some niche or you can choose others to start an event blog.

What People Want to Know on an Event –

Every people want to know some question about the event and find the answer to these question he searches on the internet.

  • The first thing peoples wanty to know why peoples celebrate this day or event so you can answer this question easily
  • The second question peoples want to answer how peoples celebrate this event so you can convince through your content.
  • After that peoples very curious about how peoples celebrate this event in past and what is the difference at that time.
  • If those festivals or events celebrated all over worldwide so every country people very excited about how to celebrate this festival in other countries.

Most of the peoples come on the internet these type of common question in event blogging so simply you can convince them through your words.

If you have some other questions so comment below.

How you can make money from Event Blogging –

Friends’ money is most important because without money is no motivation. So My purpose is if you want to make money your event blog so what is your way.

So the way to earn money through your blog is a lot If you start a blog and that blog ranked on google so you get a lot of traffic so you can earn money differently way like –

  1. Monetize your blog by different ad network like a
  • Google Adsense
  • Media.net
  • Infolinks
  • Chitika Ad Network etc.

2. Affiliate Marketing

3. Sponsorship or paid post

4. You can promote your own product or services

How much time to Take Event Blogging –

If you want to succeed in event blogging so you can start 4 to 5 months before the event. It enough time to rank your event blog on google.

So many bloggers have failed in event blogging because they start 20 to 25 days before the event and his blog does not rank on google first page.

If you have proper planning and proper technique so you can rank your blog these days or you’re all-time is west so start a blog at least 4 to a month before. I hope you do this.

Step to start Event Blogging –

I have shared with you all the information about your confusion and then now I will guide you step by step on how do you start an event blog so are you ready? let’s get started.

Pick an Event or a Niche –

There are the first things to start an event blog. I said before how you choose a niche and what points you should consider to during the niche selection.

Event blogging
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Before you select an event you should do the proper keyword research. You can get help for Google Trends or and keyword research tools like Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, or the same rush.

Some Event Blogging Topics You Can Begin With

  • New Year
  • Boston Marathon
  • Christmas
  • Olympics
  • IPL (Indian Premier League)
  • FIFA World Cup
  • Cricket World Cup
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Super Bowl Finals
  • Diwali
  • Movie Releases, Movie Reviews, Movie Trailers,
  • Video Game Release
  • Movie Songs
  • Holi
  • Oscars
  • WWE Wrestlemania
  • El Clasico
  • Cricket (All Cricket Leagues)
  • Mother’s Day
  • Grammy Awards
  • Chinese New Year
  • Australian Open
  • Elections

or you can choose your event.

Advanced keyword research –

Keyword research is very important to success in your blog journey. After you find a low competitive event niche

you just need to find the right keyword for your blog post.

You can also use the keyword like

  • Google keyword planner
  • Ahrefs
  • Search
  • Mozbar

Als0 you can find the low competitive keyword. My recommendation is to find the long tail keyword does not work on the short tail keyword.

Event blogging
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A long-tail keyword means that keyword contains more than 3 words.so find a long-tail keyword with low competition and high search volume.

Pick a good Domain –

The domain name is your brand name so a pick a good domain name is very important. After picking your event you must need a domain and domain name like that contain your event name.

That is necessary but it will increase your CTR(click-through-rate) And you can rank on your domain.so on the point of view of SEO this is very important.

Event blogging
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I will suggest you go for a lean domain site to domain suggestions.

Buy a High-Quality Hosting –

Hosting plays a very important role in blogging. But in the event blogging case its most important because most of the traffic comes during the event days

And this not a small traffic its a high amount of traffic. So if those days your website is going slow so you lose your traffic.

Event blogging
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Event blogging is famous for high traffic in a short time so through cheap and bad hosting you can not succeed in event blogging. So you can choose the best hosting.

I recommend Siteground. You can go through the Bluehost, Holsinger, or A2 hosting.

Install WordPress and set up your website –

When you buy a good hosting the now you need to install WordPress on you hosting Cpanel in one click. Select a free theme and upload and select the domain name to your server.

Event blogging
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If you do not know how to install and set up a website on WordPress so you can learn or you can hire someone.

You can hire me also I will set up your event blog.

Best themes for Event Blogging –

So many themes are available in WordPress but Every theme do not suitable for event blogging if you want to rank your blog on google easy way so I recommended you

Generatepress :

It is a very good theme for your event blog. It is a very lightweight and super fast load time theme. These themes are available in both versions like the free version or paid version.

Event blogging
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The free version has limited features and the paid version has advanced features so you can choose according to your need. But it’s a very amazing theme.

Astra pro:

It is also an amazing theme. ITs also give you high-speed load time and lightweight. Both themes are Amazing and good features.

Both are available in free or paid versions so you can choose according to your need and interest.

Write and publish High-Quality Content –

Everyone says content is the king so if you want to succeed in your event blogging career so you have to write high-quality content.

After setup your blog you can publish high informative content that is very engaging to the user. You can use video content and images also. Because images make your content very attractive or engaging.

You can use the image on pixabay, Shutterstock, or canva images. And one more important thing you do not post a small article on your blog. You can post article-length around 1500 to 2000 words.

Event blogging
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You should consider 30 to 45 articles on your blog. This article can improve your google ranking.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing –

When you used more keyword rate which is not suitable in google algorithm so this called keyword stuffing.My suggestion that you used the keyword in your article around 1 to 1.5%.

You can use your keyword in Heading subheading title and description and between the content but please avoid the keyword stuffing.

Used longtail keyword and LSI keyword.

SEO of your Article –

You do the proper SEO of your article and update it. Optimize your website this part you give the traffic through the search engine and your website traffic is increased.

Event blogging
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The SEO optimization includes these points but there is not enough but it will increase your SEO ranking.

On-page optimization:

on-page SEO plays play a very important role in the ranking of your website. Make your page speed is over 90% and place the right code in right place.

Make sure you carried of on-page SEO  including Body Tags, Page Titles, Keyword Densities, and headings.

Off-page optimization:

Off-page is also important for your event blogging.In the off-page optimization link building, Directory submission.

Link building is a very crucial step. You must focus on high-quality link building. Simply you take the link to another website. Simply you post some articles to other forums and he gives you a quality backlink.

Event blogging
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You can start your link building process after posting six or seven articles on your blog. The best way to create a backlink is through guest posts.

You can write a good guest post for me and get a high-quality backlink.

Share your Post –

That is a very important factor when you publish your post so you can share your post on your all social platform.because of this your post ranking increased on the search rankings.

Event blogging
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You can also ask to share your post for your friends so this is also very helpful to the search ranking.

Update your post every time.

If you find something new which is necessary to add in your post so you should add in your post and update time to time. So your content looks like evergreen and improves the search ranking.

Most important suggestion –

The most important suggestion is when you make a blog for your upcoming event and if you do not get benefits from those events so many experts told you for deleting them but I will recommend you do not delete that.

you will rebuild that blog for next year’s event so this is the bonus tip for you. I hope this is beneficial to you.

Final Thought –

I hope you learn everything about the event blogging if you learn this post till here. and I am 100% sure if you follow these tips so you can earn money from the Event blog.

Event blogging is not a difficult task If doing this proper knowledge or proper planning so you will become successful in your event blogging journey.

So if you learn something from this post so comment and share this post.

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