Easy ways to understand to know what is the Actual difference between post & in wordpress

Hello friends how are you? Hope you are doing well. today I would like to talk to you about the actual difference between posts and page in WordPress.

As well as tough to can I use pages and post in WordPress is it right for a new blogger and which is the suitable time to use post and pages in WordPress for new users. and what is the difference between post and page in wordpress.

Because when the new user or new blogger start their first blog so he does not have any experience with the WordPress dashboard

and he opens the WordPress dashboard the first time too he looks at two options first is post and the second is pages to writing his blog and he is soo confused about which one he used for blog writing.

In fact when I used the first-time WordPress and when I set up my blog for writing so I am soo confused about this point so today I will share with you my personal experience in blogging which is definitely helpful to you

And you will definitely learn something new in your blogging journey. and get the clarification about the difference between post and page in wordpress.

When you open the post and pages writing dashboard view so there is exact same as the each other which is create more confusion.

so without wasting your important time let’s get started are you ready for that?

Difference between post and page in WordPress

Any WordPress user now this points before writing the content in his blog that is what i9s the actual main difference between Post and Page in WordPress.

So if I told you in the small word so you Yes. There is a very big difference between the WordPress post and WordPress page.

So you can create content in the right place and you can be told any other peoples with fully confident so reads this article carefully.

What is a WordPress post and what is its use

when WordPress is launched so thaa time WordPress is only used for only as a  blogging platform? WordPress used only publish to post the dynamic content.

difference between post and page in wordpress
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And publishing the dynamic content we can use only post.We can use dynamic content so one question arose in your mind that is what is dynamic content.

So9 Dynamic content is which content we can publish on our post and we can change or update in according to the time change .

Like today I publish a post on How to make backlink so after some time maybe some new method comes and that method not reliable at that time.

Now we can change my post and update new methods on this post.so that means we can change and update according to time will be changed that’s called Dynamic content.

In WordPress post option is designed like that when we publish an article so that article is featured in decending order in the WordPress post deshboard automatically.

That’s means when someone visits your post so your post-show him descending order automatically. which means your latest post-show him first and after that old post order.

So now come to the points which content you need to change time to time and need to update so for that content you can use post options.

This using points there are lot of reason in wordpress

  1. Descending order of post like your latest post on the top.
  2. You can group posts in categories and tags.

What are WordPress Pages and what is their use?

Now we talking about the WordPress Pages as we told you for Publishing the latest and dynamic content you can you WordPress post option.

difference between post and page in wordpress
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As the same condition if any content which is you do not need to update in time that is static content and these type of content publishing we can you the WordPress pages options.

You have seen on every website that is contact us page, about us page and other pages are same. In these pages not need to change.

Yes,you can change but in the rearly cases you can update your Information. this WordPress page does not show in the latest content list as well as you can not pin in the category or tags.

You can only show on the top menus or footer menus fo0r navigates purpose.

Difference between WordPress pages and WordPress post

  • You can use for post publishing the dynamic content and for publishing the static content you can use the page options.
  • You can group post in the category and tag but you can not group pages in the ant category and tags.
  • Post-show in the descending order but pages is always add in the top and the footer menus as a link.
  • If you update post and the sticky way so your post show in the top of the blog but you can not show the pages at the top of the blog

My final thought

I hope if you read this article till there so you got the difference between Post and page in wordpress and now you are able to the wordpress in better form.

If you did not get any points and if you have any problems so you can comment below and share your opinion about this topic.

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