Blogging or Affiliate marketing, Which one is best for you Right now.

There are lots of peoples wants to start their online income journey and they want to start one of the Blogging or Affiliate marketing.

But they are very confused about both the Platform. They don’t make a proper decision as to what should they start. They start Blogging or They start Affiliate marketing.

Are this is going with you or Not say correctly. If your answer is yes so this post is Specially for you. In this article, i am going to you a proper decision-making idea about what is best for your Blogging or Affiliate marketing.

Thus if you search about this Topic like Affiliate marketing vs Blogging so you have got many articles or websites but they do not create proper guidance and logic.

On behalf of that logic, you can make a proper decision to choosing which one is best in between Blogging vs Affiliate marketing.

And the other hand some peoples asking that that is Blogging is decreasing day by day and blogging does not have a good future because people’s interest shifted to video content.

So sometimes you thought about starting Youtube and then the main confusion is created but does not worry in this post I am going to give you a proper and logical answer which will help you to make a proper decision to choose one.

Blogging or Affiliate marketing, Which is best for you-

Before reaching any decision I want to explain something about Blogging or Affiliate marketing thus the behalf of these you will get a proper idea.

What is Blogging-

Blogging is to create content on the internet in the form of writing. so if you have knowledge about any topic so you can create content around those topics and when the people visit your content then you can monetize your content.

And there you can earn money fame and many more things. I hope you knew these things. that why you selected blogging.

Benefits of Blogging-

⇒.The best and most prominent benefit of blogging is that you can work on your skill or knowledge like if you know about farming so you can write on farming.

⇒.The second is the most interesting benefits of blogging here you can monetize your blog in different ways like you can earn from your blog by Google AdSense or any other ad network and affiliate marketing.

⇒.The other important benefit of blogging in starting time you have to very hard work on your blog but once your blog is starting to grow that you may work on very little.

⇒.In blogging, you learn so many skills related to digital marketing so after that, you can monetize these skills and generate more money.

Disadvantages or Drawback of Blogging-

Along with the benefits of blogging, you need to know some disadvantages and drawbacks of Affiliate marketing so let’s talk about those.

1.Blogging is more time-consuming than Affiliate marketing so in starting time you have to daily works on your blog but once your blog starts to grow so your work time is decreases and money will be increased.

2.In the Blogging field, the earning potential is very high but in the starting time, you have to patient.

3.You have to stuck on one topic. You can change it into a different topic yes you can add more information on it.

4.There are very difficult to manage and work on the different blog on the same time.

What is Affiliate marketing-

So now let’s talk about Affiliate marketing so Affiliate marketing is all about the Promotion of Brands and products and services.

There are so many brands or company who has launched his affiliate program so you can promote their services and products.

And when somebody will buy through your link so you will get a certain amount or percentage of commissions. That commission depends on company to company and product to product But the login is the same.

Advantages or Bahifits of Affilaite Marketing-

1.The main advantage of Affiliate marketing is this you can start to earn money as soon as possible if you have a proper skill set.

2.No need to learn a special skill like SEO, Content writing But you have to learn about marketing skill that is must in Affiliate marketing.

3.You can earn more and more money than Blogging in less time.

4.You have to do less work than Blogging but in blogging, you have to work more in starting period but in the long journey your work is less and earning is more but in Affiliate marketing, you have to work continuously.

5.You can manage different and more than one Affiliate program at one time and earn more and more money.

6.In Affiliate marketing it is easy to choose an affiliate program and choose the product and if after that you will not get results so you can change it and work on the next product or service.

Disadvantages or Drawback of affiliate marketing-

On one side where you got amazing benefits from Affiliate marketing and on the second side, you will see some disadvantages of affiliate marketing what is that let’s see

1.At this time if you start earning money very fast so you can not do this organically. So for getting a very fast result you have to choose paid promotion techniques So have to spend money from the paid advertisements.

2.When you start paid campaign so if you do not have the proper skill set so you may lose your all money without earning a single dollar.

3.Paid advertisement platforms like Facebook and Google or any other they change their policy and terms and condition from time to time so you have to keep update on it.

4.You have to invest lots of money during the testing periods.

5.You have to collect Email for Email marketing and also you can do this in Blogging.

What is affiliate Blogging-

So many peoples know about Affiliate blogging and some other peoples do not know about Affiliate Blogging and it may be possible that some peoples are hearing these terms for the first time so do not worry about that I am going to explain this.

So Some peoples are doing affiliate marketing through the website organically. They choose a particular niche and after that design a website according to the Niches.

And after that, they write content on it, and at the needed places they add their affiliate link and work on this ranking. After that Whenever, somebody come on those website and read those content and if he likes content and seems that that is my problem-solving product so he buys the product.

After that, he will get the commission, and this all process is called Affiliate Blogging, and which website or Blog you design for Affiliate Blogging that’s called Affiliate blog.

Blogging or Affiliate marketing-

Now let’s talk about Blogging or Affiliate marketing but first, I hope you have got some idea about Blogging or Affiliate marketing.

Because that is very necessary to getting next point so I hope you got so now talk about the combine between Affiliate marketing or Blogging.

Both are the best platform and sources to earn money from the internet and in fact, there are lots of peoples who is earning more and more money through the Affiliate marketing and another hand through the blogging.

But one thing you will always remember before you start blogging and affiliate marketing if you want to succeed in one field or both the field so you need to sacrifice many things.

Because success wants sacrifices. So in both cases, you have to learn the right things in the right way and keep doing work until when you will not get success.

Because online earning is not a cup of tea Thus you start work today and start earning money from the next day or next week. It will take time and continuous work.

Blogging or Affiliate marketing Both are field is very nice and the Money potential is unlimited. If you work on it so you can earn unlimited money from it but first, you have to learn things and have to deserving for these.

And if you are ready for that so you choose anyone no matter you will be successful in this. Now I give you some parameters or logical facts which can help you to choose the right one.

Some Similarity between Blogging or Affiliate marketing-

1.Both are Online work.

2.Both have a high potential to earn lots of money in fact more than you think.

3.Affiliate marketing or blogging Both need continuous work and patients.

4.Low starting investment.

Do you need a website to do affiliate marketing?

That is the most important question and this question is must come to mind who does want to start Affiliate marketing that is Should I need a website to do Affiliate marketing.

May I start our Affiliate marketing career without a website so that is the answer is yes you can start your Affiliate marketing career without a website?

But if you have a website so peoples who will come to buy you affiliate product or services they will have more trust on you.

You can create more impact on those peoples because your website is the key point. and we all know Trust is the most important factor to convert sales.

But without a website, you can do this either by using a landing page builder and landing pages play a very prominent role in Affiliate marketing.

What is Best for You Blogging 0r Affiliate Marketing-

So if you read this article till here and if you are staying with me at this line so it’s sure that you have larnt about Blogging and What is Blogging pros. and cons. and same as Affiliate marketing and that is Affiliate marketing pros. and cons.

And now you are in the decision-making mode so My pro and Personal tips to you which can you apply for make your decision perfect and I also used this so choose one which one you interest.

Do not go behind money because as I said to you the money potential is unlimited in both. If you ready to learning and invest money so go through Affiliate marketing.

And if you do not have money to spend money from paid advertisement to you may choose Affiliate marketing or Blogging.

And you can start Affiliate marketing with the help of Blogging. so whose are you waiting for, stand up and start right now?

My Final Thought-

I hope this article is helpful to you and you got an idea about what is best for you in between Blogging or Affiliate marketing.

Friends I am not a perfect man I would not tell you that what would I say or recommend to you that will totally correct but which has I told you is my personal experience.

And I hope this article has helped you to clarify your doubt about which is best for you Blogging or Affiliate marketing.

So still if you have any doubt or any query about Blogging or Affiliate marketing so you can comment on me and also you can check my other article.

I will provide genuine and practical knowledge about blogging and affiliate marketing so if you are interested to subscribe to my website for updating and join my Facebook and telegram group.

And do not hesitate to ask anything regarding Affiliate marketing or Blogging. So I am very thankful to you for reading this article and if you have got something new from this article so please do share this article whose need this.

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