Best way to Start affiliate marketing through Pinterest without a blog or Website in 2022

So friends if you want to make money and you don’t have a website or blog and you are thinking that is you cant make money online without a website so this is a post only for you.

I this article I will not only teach you the best way to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog also will provide you the best strategy or best tips that I have learned throughout my Affiliate journey because of my experience.

So if you are interested to earn money online as sooner and ready to learn so you will definitely stay here and the other hand you want to make money but not ready to learn so sorry my friend I can not teach you how can you make money online by Pinterest without a blog.

You can leave this place and search for another place where is someone teaching you how you can earn money on Pinterest or any other social platform in 1 Min. for 1000$.

SO sorry for takes your valuable time.

And now who are staying here so I will congrats you that today you will learn something new and very practical and genuine Knowledge.

So don’t worry about if you are investing your valuable time in this post or in fact on my website. I am very glad to you.

Now lets it be all the things and let’s come to the matter and start the topic without any further delay.

So now I will clear you what will you Exactly learn today-

So you knew in this article we are going to talk about the best and exact way to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog or website so this whole article will around of that type of Knowledge-

  •    What is Affiliate marketing?
  • Why Use Pinterest To Make Money?
  • How to set up Pinterest Account?
  • What is Pinterest Seo and how can you do it?
  • How to do Keyword research for Pinterest Seo?
  • What is Pinterest Account Seo and What are these benefits?
  • What is Pinterest Board Seo?
  • How can you design Pin?
  • Best way to do Affiliate marketing on Pinterest?
  • Best tips for Pinterest Affiliate marketing?
  • Automated Pinning

Best way to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog or Website-

Now let’s see the whole process-

What is Affiliate Marketing-

So now come to the main matter and talk about Affiliate marketing so first of all if you follow me or you are touching me or my content so What is Affiliate marketing? Answering this Question is not compulsory because most of the peoples already knew the answer of this terms.

But if you don’t know the answer to this question so don’t worry I am your friend is here so I have answered this query lots of time in my several articles.

So Affiliate marketing is the process to promote someone else company or brands product and when someone will buy a product through your affiliate link so you will get a certain amount or percentage commission

It totally varies from company to company or product to product. For more information, you can read the below article.

Also read this: Blogging or Affiliate marketing, Which is best for you Right.

Why Use Pinterest To Make Money?-

So before I explain the whole process I want to clear one more doubt to you that is why can you use Pinterest to Affiliate marketing

Because at that time there are lots of platforms where you can promote your affiliate product or Affiliate offer and there you can generate more sales.

But my primary concern why should you choose Pinterest so this is the main and simple answer is if someone wants to buy a product online so approximately 90% of Peoples visit Pinterest at once before making the decision to buy.

And the other region is if you are targeting the US. or UK. based Audience so Pinterest is one of the best Platforms where you can without the perfect audience at the perfect time with less effort.

So I think both regions are enough to choose Pinterest’s use of Affiliate marketing.

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How to set up Pinterest Account?-

When this is te confirm that you choose Pinterest to do Affiliate marketing so then you need to set up your Pinterest Account.

This Account will help you to generate leads. So anyway the question that will arise is that How to set up the Pinterest Account.

And the one things is most common that is Account setup is not a big deal because most of the peoples do that but the most difficult things are set up the Account is perfect.

Are you getting my points? But don’t worry here I will tell you how can you set up your Pinterest Account in the Except way where you are able to do Affiliate marketing.

Choose a Niche-

To Design a perfect Pinterest or any platform account for Affiliate marketing research is most important. Because if you do not wanna do any Business of your that account so that is not big points

But if you wanna use those accounts for Business purposes so then that will become the biggest point so if you want to use those accounts to do Affiliate marketing so don’t ignore this point that is niche research.

So Niche Research is category research that means when you set up and targeted your Audience so what will you targeted Audience

What is your Audience’s Interest any what will your Audience need so first of all do the research about it and know about everything about all the points.

And do the proper research.

Choose an Affiliate Offer or Product-

When you completed the research about the Niche and finalize Your Niche then you need to find out the perfect Affiliate offer or Product to promote your Audience.

Because if you reach out the best product to the right Audience then the product selling chance of product is increased.

So for choosing the right product, you can join different types of Affiliate network because there are several Affiliate network is currently working so choose one-

  1. ShareASale. …
  2. Awin (Formerly Affiliate Window) …
  3. Amazon Associates. …
  4. CJ Affiliate (Formerly Commission Junction) …
  5. Rakuten Marketing (Formerly LinkShare) …
  6. Avangate Affiliate Network. …
  7. ClickBank. …
  8. FlexOffers
  9. Etc.

Create a Landing Page-

Now choose the best Affiliate product or Affiliate offer then you need to create a Landing Page. I know most of the peoples knew about the landing page but there are many peoples are not know about the Landing page.

so don’t worry about this I can explain in very short but if you want to know in details what is landing page and How can you create a high converting Landing page for Your Affiliate offer so you can read this

Read this: Best landing page Builder for Affiliate marketing is free.

What is Landing Page-

Landing Page is a Bridge page where you can explain your Affiliate offer and maybe collect the data of your Audience.

And after passing this landing page your Audience land on your main Affiliate product. And one thing you have to always remember that is you don’t use the landing page and promote your Affiliate product so maybe a high chance that you are banned.

Setup Your Pinterest Account-

When you have completed these three points then you are ready to set up your Pinterest Account and now go to the Pinterest site to Click here.

After that click on the Signup Option.

When will you click on the signup option the new window will be automatically open where asked for filling in some of your personal information?

Make sure always go for the Business Account and then fill up the Personal Information.

After Filling Your all Information Your Account Automatically activated.

Tips For Setup A Account on Pinterest-

So if you set up your Account for Affiliate marketing so you need to follow some point during the Pinterest account setup-

The first one is Always choosing the Business although I told you before that is necessary.

Second is Always try the name of your account according to your Niche or Product then the highly chance to converting the Audience.

Always choose the Niche related topic.

Pinterest Account SEO-

Now the next thing is coming in the Pinterest Affiliate marketing that is Pinterest Account Seo. What are its means so we all Know Pinterest is a Search Engine? Peoples come on Pinterest and search his search query

And Get the answer in the form of images or graphics. SO that means you have to do Seo to rank his Pinterest Account.

So let’s started the process of Pinterest SEO.

Keyword Research-

The first part of the Seo is Keyword research. To doing Seo you will have to do Keyword research. For keyword research, you may use any keyword research tool or you can do keyword research in Pinterest itself.

Read also: A best free keyword research tool for affiliate marketing.

For keyword research, you can use the Pinterest suggestion search Features. let us suppose you can search fashion so after that you will get the automatic keyword suggestions.

Analyze and Setup the Account SEO-

Now after that analyzing process will be started. so go to your account section and check your profile and set up your about section and add the related keyword in your Bio and About section.

Way to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog-

Now, let’s move to the best and main part of today’s lesson so now the process will start because everything is set and your Account is ready for Affiliate marketing.

Connect the peoples related to your niche-

Now before promoting your Affiliate link, you need to build a strong connection to your Audience then we will start to promote our Affiliate link.

Because if you are chatting or scrolling on Pinterest and suddenly somebody comes and send a message to you related to any Affiliate product.

Can you like to buy this product but on the other hand your strong friend or relative suggest to you a product to buy so what will your first preferences.

I believe most of the peoples said about the friend product. That is the reality we all same. So my strong suggestion to you never promotes your product at starting time until if you are using paid ads.

Create Pins-

Now the second works is that to design a pin or post on Pinterest 0n a daily basis. That’s why the Pinterest algorithm supports your content.

For creating design or Images you can use any tools like Photoshop or Canva.

Start to Promote your Affiliate offer-

When You did all this in the correct way so now you start your affiliate link. SO when you create the Pins for Pinterest there you have an option name is add destination URL.

There you can add your Affiliate Url or Landing page Url. My personal suggestion is you should always use a Landing page URL.

My Final Thought

In the end, I want to tell you if you read this article till now and you are staying with me yet so you get the idea about the best way to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog or Website which is everyone needs.

And your all doubt has been cleared about the How can you do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog or Website and still if you have idea and doubt related to the Best way to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog or Website you can ask me without any hesitation.

And if you like this article so share this article with your friends and family who is very confused about affiliate marketing and the Best way to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog or Website.

You can check more about to get more information about Affiliate marketing and Blogging.

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