Best tips & Tricks to get Google AdSense approval Instantly in 2022

Google AdSense approval is a dream to a website or a blog owner, who start blogging recently or before some time so everyone wants the Google AdSense approval. But some peoples get the Adsense approval but other peoples very upset about the AdSense approval.

But today in this article I am going to provide you some of the best strategies to get google AdSense approval so if you apply this so you will definitely get the Google Adsense approval. So if you want to google Adsense approval so this article is very useful to you to start your online earning through the google monetization program which is called Google AdSense.

Best strategies to get Google AdSense approval very fast-

so as you know after reading this article if you implement those all strategies or tips on your website you will definitely get the AdSense approval but before starting the points I want to tell you something about google AdSense approval is can be tricky but do fairly

because if you do something bad activity on your website for AdSense approval and by chance Adsense catch you so google Adsense banned you.

so without wasting time lets get start the process of AdSense approval but before that, you have to know some more about Google Adsense.

Why everyone wants Gooogle AdSense approval-

we all heard lots of times about the popularity of AdSense and if somebody starts their website or especially Blog so first priority of them to approve his site through Google Adsense.

so ever did you think about that why google Adsense is so popular and everyone the first priority is google AdSense approval? so if you did not have the proper information about this so do not worry I will give you some summer and on the behalf of those, your doubt will be cleared.

  • Googe adsesse is the googles product.
  • Google Adsense is the world’s biggest ad network.
  • Over 38.3 million websites use AdSense.
  • Everything is managed by the Google team.

Things to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense-

So now we are come to the main points and talk about what do you do before applying for Google AdSense because you do the so many mistakes and after doing this all you apply for AdSense approval to your website or your blog website and after that when google Adsense team detect them then Adsense team reject your Adsense approval to give you much reason.

And when your AdSense approval is rejected so you vary upset about the Google Adsense and you do not know how to fix that issue and you feel like you are not for blogging.

Is this happening with you, if yes so don’t worry now I am going to give you the top Best strategies to get Google AdSense approval, and if you recently start your website and you are going to apply AdSense or you have applied already and Adsense has rejected your website to give some reason so check this parameter and points which will I provide you then your website will be approved and you can start your earning.

So let’s get started about the points-

What is the Google Adsense

Before talking about how to get AdSense approval fast you must know about what is the google Adsense so google Adsense is an ad network

And most people know that that is it is the Google product. So when you got the AdSense approval do your website or your youtube channel is eligible for showing the ads.

And after that, you start making money. And before some years ago when you start your blog or website so on the first day Adsense approved your website.

But at the time if you want the Google AdSense approval so you follow some google guidelines and policy and after that googles team review your website and then they will approve you.

The top and  Best strategies to get Google AdSense approval so follow these all-

Now I will tell you what is the major requirement for getting the AdSense approval very fast if you follow this requirement so you can get the Adsense approval very quickly and fast.


And your problem is solved so let’s start the discuss

1) High-Quality Content

If you are a blogger and you just earlier start your blogging journey so remember my one piece of advice in your whole life if you want to succeed in your blogging journey and want to make money from it.

So you never lazy about content writing or blog writing. I have seen a lot of people who start their blogging journey and feel very lazy about content writing.

You don’t do this and write unique and quality content don’t do the copy-paste work.

2. Write at least 15 to 20 blog post

Before applying the google Adsense you just write at least 15 to 20 quality blog posts. Because when the google Adsense team reviews your site so they must find some quality content in your site.

When you write the 30 posts then google thinks that you taking website in the seriously and try that every post has between 1300 to 2000 word content.

3. Create About us and Contact us pages

When you create your website then you must add the About us pages and contact us pages. When you apply the google Adsense before that you create those pages and add them to your website.

At the time when the google team reviews your website then this team first reviews these pages so if you want to get AdSense approval fast and this is your main problem.

So that is your first solution I think that you got the answer to how to get Adsense approval fast in 2021. You can create these pages by the different type of online tool generator and himself.

4. Create the Privacy policy page-

Privacy and policy page is a very important page on the points of view your website authority and trust if your website has privacy and policy page so google has trust that you have mentioned about your business policy in your website.

so google follow these all during the AdSense approval so your can design your privacy policy or there are lots of free tools are available on the internet where you can generate free privacy and policy for your Blog website.

Basically, this question is arising in your mind what is the privacy policy and what is inside the privacy policy page so there is no big deal in the privacy policy you define that what is your Business privacy or policy.

If somebody comes and resister your website so if something data or any materials on your website so what is your policy to use them.

5. Terms and condition pages-

most of the peoples do not add these pages on his website so if you are one of them so add this page on your website to Google AdSense approval.

This is also a prominent page to Adsense approval fast and most of the peoples want the Best strategies to get Google AdSense approval so no one is tips or strategies only some parameters or points which is checked by the Google Adsense team and these all are correct so Google Adsense approved you very fast.

So add this page by generating himself or use by online terms and condition page tool generator. Basically on this page, you tell that What is your business or website terms and conditions.

If somebody comes to your website and register on your website so how will you use his data so this is the terms and conditions.

6.Disclaimer page-

The disclaimer page is one more important page to your website as well as AdSense’s approval points of view. In this page you disclaimer that whats is your used in your website and what is those course and how can you use them.

This is the very important and best page which you can add to your website before applying for Google Adsense.

7. Used propper navigation

That is the most important thing for geet Adsense approval. You must design your website in a proper way and add proper navigation.

Suppose that somebody visits your website and he wants to visit the other pages of your website and he does not get the proper way to go to other pages.

So that is not is good for you and your website and this points google noticed very carefully. So you don’t do this mistake.

If you found these mistakes in your website so fixed this before Adsense applies.

8. Add category

That is another suggestion to you if your question is how to get Adsense approval fast so before applying the AdSense you just need to do you just add the 4 to the category on your website

After that adding the category in most of the cases please add on the top navigation or top menu. And one thing you remember that is never your category is empty from the content.

9. Don’t use the copyright images

If you start blogging so you know that for showing more attractive content you have to use images and videos in your content.

So when you used the images on your website so remember that you never used copyright images and videos, always use copyright-free images.

When you used copyright images so google does not approve of you. There is soo many websites are available which provides you copyright-free image and videos.

If any condition if you used the copy images so credit that website and those people.

10.Make Sure Your Website Isn’t Banned

Before applying for Google AdSense approval you have to check if your website not banned by google because if your website content does not follow google policies so at that time google banned your website temporarily or permanently bases.

There are such categories google does not provide attention to because google is very conscious about its audience and he never wants to provide violent content to his audience.

So the first check if your website or blog content is not in this catalog because if your website in this category so googles will not show your website on the search result.

Here are some common content types that are not accepted by AdSense.

    • Pornography/Adult materials
    • Pirated Content
    • Hacking or Cracking Tutorials
    • Illegal Drugs/Paraphernalia
    • Any Other Illegal Stuff
    • There are few languages that are supported by AdSense so make sure your blog language is in the list of these.

11.Remove Other Ads When Applying

that is the best advice to you if you apply for the Google Adsense so make sure that if you connect your website with other ads network

So please remove your ads during the time of the process from the Google AdSense approval. If you connect the other ads network at the same time then the maximum chance that the google Adsense team reject your website to the absence of approval. I hope your are reading carefully about the Best strategies to get Google AdSense approval.

12.Make Sure You’re Over 18 Years Old

Make sure when you apply google Adsense approval to your website so you must have more than 18 years old because if you’re below 18 so you can not create an AdSense account.

When you are creating a Google AdSense account so there will be asked about your bate of birth and if you below the 18 so you are unable to create an account.

if you are not above 18 so you may create an account by some bone else whose above 18 and when you will become above 18 so you can replace your details.

This is the best strategies to get Google AdSense approval very fast and start earning along with the google ad program.

13.Make The Website Look Decent 

Google noticed that how is your website user experience so if you were not working on it so this is the best parameter which is google considers in the ranking points of view as well as during Adsense approval.

now make your website very simple and decent look so users can easily move in your website without any barriers and do not cares about the AdSense approval.

If these points are good so google will definitely approve your website this is my guarantee and these were today and evergreen points and the Best strategies to get Google AdSense approval fast.

How to Apply Google Adsense to get AdSense approval fast

as I said if you want to show Google ads on your site so you need to get approval from google so now we will talk about how to get AdSense approval quickly.

Here I will not say about you will get the Google AdSense approval within 1 minute but here I will provide you the workman.

Which is follow you and if your website is eligible for this so you got the approval very fast and quickly So, first of all, I told you how you can apply for the Google Adsense.

For applying the google Adsense and how to get Adsense approval fast please follow these steps

Step.1.Sign up

Friends for getting the AdSense approval you first apply for it So go to google and type the google Adsense after that you click on the Signup option and create the account

Step.2.Fill up your details

When you click on the Sign-up option then you see a form for fill you fill this form and click on the save and continue button.

Step.3.Copy the code

After click on the save and continue button you will see a google verification code you just copy this code and after that go to your WordPress dashboard.

Step.4.Paste the code

When you copy the code then you do to the WordPress dashboard and go to the appearance and theme editor and then you go to the Header.php.

And paste the code between the head-to-head tag, and after that click on the save changes.

Step.5.Wait for approval

When you complete this process very accurate way then you just need to do waiting for at least 1 or 2 weeks.

My Final Thought

So this is the best strategies to get Google AdSense approval fast and if you follow these tips before applying the google Adsense so you will get google AdSense approval very fast.

And I hope you got about the Essential requirement for google AdSense approval fast and if you still any doubt and question-related to the top tips and best strategies to get Google AdSense approval fast so you can ask me without any hesitation and I will definitely help you to get Adsense approval fast and easily and I believe that is the very simple and easy to apply tips to get Adsense approval to your blog or website.

I am very grateful to you for learn my article Best strategies to get Google AdSense approval fast and if like Google AdSense Approval Tips and Tricks so please share this article with your family and friends.


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