Are You Finding the best & free Keywords Research tools in 2022

So who is interested in online earning then he knows Semrush very well and now here we will talk about the Semrush free alternatives.

one more thing I would like to told you if you are very serious about blogging, affiliate marketing or whatever you want for online earning

so one thing is clear that is you must need a keyword research tool that is the reason you are here now and you want to know about the best keyword research tool.

so in this article, I will tell you the best Semrush free alternatives and at the end of this article, you will decide which Semrush alternates is best for you and why.

my friends one thing I always told you and my every friend if you research about the free things like keyword research tool .free themes or any like that

so when you will get those free things so you will look at these free things you got some limitations and that is true if you go behind the free things you one thing always remember that is your work with the limitation.

and that is the reason most of the blogger and affiliate marketer is used the premium tools because he knows that with the free things you will never work on the ultimate level.

are you getting my point so let’s come to the topic and talk about the Semrush free alternatives but first we discuss some important points about the Semrush tools?

Semrush is the best keyword research toll and around 6 million peoples of the world are still using this and we will discuss some important point

which is very helpful to you when you will choosing some other Semrush alternatives because during the choosing the alternative you know very well what re they offering and what would need.

Keyword research bases

first of all, we discuss the keyword research capacity Semrush have 20 million databases. and this database helps you during the keyword research.

when you research any keyword then it will give you immediate results from that’s the reason you have to use Semrush. and with these databases, Semrush gives you every accurate data during the keyword research.

Find bad Backlink

that is the amazing things about this tool if anytime anybody creates bad backlinks on your site so using  this tool you can track those backing and after that

if these backlinks affect your search ranking so you can remove those backlinks on your site and improve your site ranking.

Provides more toolkit

none more reason to use this tool it will provide you full toolkit which is used for more work like marketing purpose and other purposes

so one of the reasons for using the reason of this tool is there

Semrush free alternatives

now I discussed the best thing about the Semrush and now we will discuss the Semrush free alternatives and after that, we will discuss some paid alternatives to the Semrush.

1.Google keyword planner

Now the first tool if you want to the free alternative of semrush. and this the google tool and also is totally free of cost.

So if you start to keyword research in the free and hot interested to invest a single rupee for this so that is the best option for you.

But as I said if you go behind the free stuff so you work with the limitation and here you get the limitation. So for using the google keyword planner you just need a Gmail account.

semrush free alternative
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And if you are a mobile user so that is not a big deal for you you some ti can easily create it and after that, you have to create a keyword planner account.

without creating the account you can not use it.

semrush free alternative
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Pros. of Google Keyword Planner-

  • This is a totally free tool there is no limit to use it.
  • It’s Google’s own product so what did you get the data is directly from the Google search.
  • You can find the data around 4 years back data.

Cons. of Google Keyword Planner-

  • The most and the big cons of this keyword research tool that is you can only find the PPC keyword if you want to find the Blogging keyword idea so that is much difficult at its.
  • You can not find the Low competitive keyword idea.
  • You can not analyze your competitor’s website.
  • Sometimes it will give you inaccurate data.

2 . Ubersuggest (Paid and Free)-

Most of the Peoples Whose are belongs to the blogging field or Affiliate marketing Fields they know very well about this Keyword research tool and that is the best free alternative of semrush.

And also most of the peoples know that is Neil Patel Tool and he is very good Digital Marketer.

semrush free alternative
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And Whose is just starting his Blogging journey and they looking for the best Semrush alternative so this is the perfect tool for him.

And the best thing about this tool to start this tool you no need to any signup yes you can do it but you can use this without login also.

semrush free alternative
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to start this tool Simply go on Google and type there is Ubersuggest you after that you can use it . You can easily find that to use this tool-

  • Low keyword idea
  • Competitor website analysis
  • Domain Age of your website
  • And Backlink
  • Explore more things

Pros. of Ubersuggest Tool-

  1. You can check the DA and PA of your website.
  2. You can use This Tool for free but with some limitations.
  3. Easy to Use

Cons. of Ubersuggest Tool-

  1. Which data you will find that is not accurate
  2. Limitation in free version. Keyword research tool- is also the best free alternative to semrush. and this tool interface is like the Ahrefs tool But the Main difference between Ahrefs and that is

semrush free alternative
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The Ahrefs tool is totally paid and this tool is free. You can simply click here and excess this tool.

And the best thing about this tool that is you will get unlimited keyword ideas in this tool so if you are a blogger and Affiliate marketer so this tool can be the best tool for you. so Once check this.

Pros. of tool-

  1. This tool is totally free
  2. You can get the low competitive keyword idea
  3. You can find the keyword idea for youtube, Twitter, and other social platform.
  4. Easy to use
  5. You can get tons of the longtail keyword idea.

Cons. of tool-

  • This has some limitation in the free version
  • Sometimes you will not get accurate data.

4.Answer the Public-

This is the best tool which I use most and again and again and the best thing about this tool is that you get all the keyword idea which is searching in the internet world.

semrush free alternative
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So if you are a content creator so this is one of the best tools for you because you can get all keyword lists in a single click.

semrush free alternative
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You simply click here and use this amazing tool and I must sure your experience with this tool will be amazing. I must sure that this tool will be the best semrush free alternative for you.

Pros. of Answer the public tool-

  • The biggest advantage of this amazing tool in this tool you get in this tool the fee of unlimited keyword idea.
  • This is the best and amazing and best tool.
  • You get that every keyword idea what people are searching on the internet.

Cons. of Answer the public tool-

  • You never get the analysis data of your website.
  • You never check the DA and PA of the website of your website.
  • Y Only find the Keyword idea.

My Final Thought-

I hope you have got your Question’s answer that is The best Semrush free alternative and also you got a better idea about which Tool You should use.

If you got about the best semrush alternative you comment below and give your opinion. And if you have some doubt about the best /semrush free alternative so comment below also.

I am so glad to you to read this article please share this article.

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